Summer Throwdown 2019

Over two days we are going to see events take place over a range of locations and venues around our home town of Newquay in the summer. Combing classic Crossfit with some unique outside elements.

The event will not be limited to the surf you will also have to prove your fitness on the turf.

You will be tested in all elements of fitness which may include upto a 50m sea Swim (your team must consist of atleast 2 competent swimmers – 1 male and 1 Female).

The event will be run in a very unique never seen before format.  All teams will compete in 4 events on day 1 followed by 3 events on day 2.   The finals will be run in a multiple stage knockout format with 1 WINNER at the end.

Has your team got what it takes to take on and put yourself in ‘The Hurt Locker’?

ENTER NOW and find out in July.



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